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Education Recruiters: Below is information, research, and links into the best recruiters, search firms, and employment agencies serving education professionals. Education recruiters and headhunters offer major job search benefits for people searching for regular full-time teaching jobs and careers with top schools and employers.

Teacher recruiters are a link between candidates and hiring managers resulting in faster hiring, more job interviews, increased resume and interview feedback, and even higher employment offers for teachers.

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Academic Search
HQ: Washington, DC
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: Academic Search
William Spelman
HQ: Webster, NY
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: William Spelman
The Education Group
HQ: Dallas, TX
Recruit: Teachers, Administ.
Details: Education Group
Spelman & Johnson
HQ: Easthampton, MA
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: Spelman & Johnson
Carney, Sandoe & Assoc.
HQ: Boston, MA
Recruit: Teachers, Administ.
Details: Carney, Sandoe
AGB Search
HQ: Washington, DC
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: AGB Search
Cal / West Educators
HQ: Encino, CA
Recruit: K-12 Educators
Details: Cal / West
Alden & Associates, Inc.
HQ: Florence, MA
Recruit: Collegiate Athletics
Details: Alden & Associates
Auerbach Associates
HQ: Belmont, MA
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: Auerbach Associates
Educator's Ally, Inc.
HQ: Bedford Hills, NY
Recruit: Independent Schools
Details: Educators Ally
Fairfield Teachers' Agency
HQ: Fairfield, CT
Recruit: Teachers, Adminin.
Details: Fairfield Teachers
Independent School
HQ: New York, NY
Recruit: Administrators
Details: Independent School
Independent Thinking
HQ: Newton, MA
Recruit: Administrators
Details: Independent Thinking
Southern Teachers Agency
HQ: Charlottesville, VA
Recruit: Teachers
Details: Southern Teachers
Institutional Advantage
HQ: Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
Recruit: Education
Details: Institutional
Lahti Search Consultants
HQ: Minneapolis, MN
Recruit: Enrollment Related
Details: Lahti Search
RPA Inc.
HQ: Williamsport, PA
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: RPA
Ray and Associates, Inc.
HQ: Cedar Rapids, IA
Recruit: School Leadership
Details: Ray and Associates
Sage Search Partners
HQ: Newton, MA
Recruit: Higher Education
Details: Sage Search